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ave they not observed all things that Allah hath created, how their shadows incline to the right and to the left, making prostration unto Allah, and they are lowly?

“We put up too many buildings. We squander space, land, mass & energy. We still build the unnatural buildings of past epochs. Our times demand lighter, more energy saving, more mobile and more adaptable – in short more natural buildings, without disregarding the demands for safety and security.”
–Frei Otto

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Textile architecture

is popular in the world of its because

  • diversity in design
  • aesthetic value and
  • weather ability.

“It is a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.”


Compared to classical architecture Textile architecture

  • Involves the use of a smaller amount of material
  • Translucent fabrics gives special light effects, bright environment &
  • Natural interior lighting
  • Combinations of translucent & Block out possible
  • Low in costs
  • Light weight clear span structures
  • Possibility of having temporary & permanent structures
  • Since Tensile structures are mostly supported by means of cables, wires, masts, bolts & struts, clamping plates etc. hence there are Unlimited design options

Tensile structures = Unlimited Design Options


PVC coated Polyester fabric

Inspection and testing

Production process weaving

Work Process